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25 days of giving – Day 4

December 4, 2011

Today was a pretty low-key day of giving. I was feeling a little overwhelmed because I hadn’t really planned out this whole 25 days of giving thing.

We just got back from a little vacation/holiday time with my family, so my inbox has gotten pretty full. I was going through some of the emails today and noticed three surveys from businesses I had recently visited. Normally (even as marketing professional that values the quantitative data we collect from surveys) I typically delete the survey. But today I decided to give my time to the company and share my experiences.

Another reason it was a low-key day of giving was because yesterday was also a NIGHT of giving!


For those not in the Central PA area, the chant above is stuck in my head after a little impromptu trip to the Hershey Bears hockey game last night. It was fun :) If I had to list my favorite sports to watch in person, it would go:

1. Running

2. Surfing

3. Hockey

The first two are only because I’m usually watching hubs do either and he is an amazing athlete and I love taking pictures of him competing. So if he weren’t around, hockey would be my favorite sport to watch in person :)

And last night’s game was a special one because it was the game of the Teddy Bear Toss! That’s when anyone that wants to participate can bring a teddy bear to toss onto the rink after the Bears first goal. All of the bears are then donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.

So after a coupon, a trip to the Bonton and $6 later, these guys smuggled themselves into my purse:

We literally got there just in time to toss the bears onto the ice. We hadn’t bought tickets in advance and the game was nearly sold out, I believe the attendance was 10,238. And an unbelievable 10,119 teddy bears were tossed out onto the rink!!! This was our view when we made our way to our seats:

We were in the nosebleeds so I wasn’t able to get any great pictures, but I found a must-watch video on this blog and better pictures here. The game got back on it’s way and the Bears won 7 to 1. I have a feeling it’s because this guy stuck around to watch over them (one of the little bears got caught in the net actually facing the rink – he’s the little spec on the bottom right of the picture):

Pssst – Want to check out what the BFFE has been donating? Take a look over on her blog here.

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  1. Laura permalink
    December 4, 2011 10:14 pm

    Oh my gosh that is SO adorable!!!! I love it!


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